Sexuality Education – Building a generation of resilient youth

HUSHeducation is a provider of sexuality education programs to youth in and around Melbourne; but sexuality education is such a broad term and one can wonder if adolescent health is perhaps a better indication of our mission.Youth today have incredibly busy and intricate lives, they may be studying, working or simply struggling to survive. They might have families, teachers, friends, carers, workers and society-at-large to interact with. Young people may have sexual identity or gender issues, worries about their sexual health (contraception, STI’s, legal issues) and may also have to cope with unhealthy relationships, bullying, cyber safety and body image concerns.

One thing that seems to be crucial for our youth to not only survive, but to flourish and succeed in today’s world is RESILIENCE – the toughness to cope, the flexibility to move with the tides, a buoyancy of spirit and the ability to bounce back from adversity. How we foster and encourage this resilience is one of the impotant questions being asked by youth agencies and organisations all over the world.

Feel free to add your  ideas and suggestions for building a generation of resilient youth in the comments below.

Sexuality educator with over 10 years experience. Based in Melbourne, Australia I specialise in tailor-made programs for schools and specialist schools as well as Body Safety and Awareness programs for younger children (ages 3-12). HUSHeduction are LGBTIQ (SSAAGD) welcoming and work with young people of all faiths and abilities.