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Safer sex

Safer Sex: is a 1 ½ hour session concentrating on STI’s and contraception (sexual health). STI’s are discussed in some detail and participants will learn the 5 general areas of information that people need to know to protect themselves and their partners from STI’s. Condom use is demonstrated and practised on plastic penises and dams are displayed. The various methods of contraception are introduced and displayed for a hands-on experience. For more in-depth and specific safer sex sessions – see below.

STI’s: (Sexually Transmitted Infections) A stand alone 1.5 hour session taking an in-depth look at STI’s. What are they, how are they transmitted, what are the symptoms, how are they prevented and what is your legal and ethical responsibility if you find you have an STI. High-risk and unsafe sexual activities are highlighted and information given for unsafe sex follow-up. Names and phone numbers of STI screening centres are distributed.

Contraception: Research shows that in Australia, over one quarter of all year 10 students and just over half of all year 12 students have had sex. Some young people choose to not use contraception, despite knowing an unplanned pregnancy is a possibility. This 1.5 hour session takes a detailed look at the contraception choices available and discusses the pros and cons of each – particularly for young people. We talk about availability and effectiveness and have a close, hands-on look at each option. The ‘morning after pill’ is also discussed.