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Puberty for Middle Primary

il_340x270.150110653An increasing number of year 3 and 4 girls are beginning to experience some of the earlier signs of puberty (and some are even starting their periods at this age) while some middle primary  boys are also starting to experience the earlier indications that puberty is on the horizon.

We offer a unique introduction to puberty program for grade 3 and 4 students. In these sessions we introduce the names of the reproductive organs and talk about the common physical changes which indicate that puberty is on its way. Included is a gentle introduction to periods and period management and a brief discussion of sperm production and the potential for ‘wet dreams’.

There are three fun options to choose from.

1.   A stand alone one or 1.5 hour classroom session. (separate or mixed gender classes)

2.   A 1.5 hour Family Evening (children attend with their trusted adult – usually a parent or family member).

3.  A three-part classroom program starting with an introduction to human bodies and body part names and functions – and moving onto, in week 2, an introduction to puberty. The final session of the  program introduces reproduction. (Puberty is the stage in the life cycle of humans when the body begins to prepare for sexual reproduction). We will explain how conception occurs and follow the development of the foetus from fertilization to birth. Each session is 60 or 90 minutes in length.