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Primary Programs

Programs for primary schools can be tailored to meet each school’s specific requirements. Concentrating on Body Awareness, Diversity within families, the Physical and Social/Emotional changes of puberty, as well as Conception, Pregnancy and Birth – we have sessions for every grade.

Puberty for Middle Primary

An increasing number of year 3 and 4 girls are beginning to experience some of the earlier signs of puberty (and some are even starting their periods at this age) while a number of boys are also experiencing the earlier indications that puberty is on the horizon.

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Puberty for Upper Primary

Puberty is a time of rapid physical and emotional change. It can start from as young as 8 or 9 years old or as late as 14 or 15. Some people breeze through this stage and others can find it a little bit challenging.

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Reproduction (Introduction)

Included in our Puberty Programs unless requested otherwise, this 1 1/2 hour session sees participants investigating conception, pregnancy and birth.

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Don’t forget to check out our Body Safety Education Programs for pre-schools and Primary Schools.

Group of primary school children.