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Swimming in the Red sea – Part 3

Today’s post is about ‘free bleeding’ – free bleeding is basically when a person with a vagina; who happens to be menstruating, chooses to do so without using ANY sort of product to absorb or catch the period blood or

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Parting the Red Sea – Part two

People who have periods will dispose of 51 billion non-biodegradable sanitary pads a year – and that’s in first world countries alone. Add in panty liners, incontinence pads, disposable nappies, nursing pads and ‘wet wipes’ of all types and we

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Drowning in the Red Sea – Part One

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to investigate a selection of the ‘care options’ available to people who menstruate. In their menstruating life-time, a person with a vagina (in a first world country) can realistically expect to use

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A goodbye letter to my breasts – GUEST BLOG by Nevo Zisin

Today’s blog has been written by a young friend of mine. Tomorrow he will undergo ‘top surgery’ as another step on his journey to becoming the man he knows himself to be. To my breasts, Firstly, I want to say

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Body Safety Education for children and families with disability.

HUSHeducation are recognised providers of Body Safety Education programs to preschools and primary schools around Melbourne. During National Child Protection Week in September this year we were able to connect with a huge audience of people from all walks of

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Are you talking the talk – or walking the walk?

How many times do I read questions from parents/carers wanting to know the best age to have THE TALK with their children? I always want to reply, What Talk? Seriously!  What talk? Even more fun is reading the comments below

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Sexuality and Relationships Education for Students with Special Needs

Late last year I spoke at a conference in Melbourne. My 20 minute presentation was on Sexuality Education for young people with an intellectual disability. I have posted my talk below. One of the areas that HUSHeducation specialise in is

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Birthdays, bodies and a burgeoning business

In July this year HUSHeducation had their third birthday. YAY! Unlike typical toddlers we decided to forgo the celebrations and plough/plow our time and resources back into growing the business. (We also celebrated by renewing our domain names and paying another year

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Advice to a young man I know.

“Yes, I know you are a fully functioning adult – capable of making your own decisions (for the most part) and your own mistakes. But we both also know that your ability to read ‘social cues’ is ever so slightly

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The birds and the bees: Bodies and babies for preschoolers

Many parents worry about having “The Talk” with their children. They wonder about the age to start, they stress about what to say, they panic in case their child asks them a question that they are unwilling or unable to