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Body Safety and Sexuality Education

Welcome to HUSHeducation, Victoria’s leading Body Safety and Sexuality Education Provider.

We provide specialty education services for schools, kindergartens, early childhood centres, parents and staff.

Our classroom programs, parent sessions and staff professional development can take place in both face to face and remote settings.


Inclusive age appropriate conversations

Diverse group of kindergarten children

Proven results

Experienced, qualified facilitators

Disability Programs

HUSHeducation is a recognised provider of relationships and sexuality education (RSE) programs and Body Safety Education classes for young people with intellectual disability.

We have a number of Melbourne specialist schools on our client list and can provide you with tailor-made programs to suit the needs of your organisation.

Our sessions incorporate many visual and tactile resources as well as activities, games, stories and more – for both junior and senior students.

Custom programs to support your religious, cultural, financial or geographical requirements

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Body Safety

Tailored programs for pre-schools, primary schools, kindergartens and all early childhood care providers; as well as for young people with intellectual disability.

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Secondary Programs

We are more than happy to meet each school’s specific requirements or suggest some sessions based on the school’s needs.

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Primary Programs

Body Awareness, Diversity within families, the Physical and Social/Emotional changes of puberty, as well as Conception, Pregnancy and Birth.

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Disability Programs

Sessions incorporate many visual and tactile resources as well as activities, games, stories and more – for both junior and senior students.

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Question Box

Each of our sexuality education sessions for upper primary classes concludes with ‘The Question Box’. This is an opportunity for all students to write private and anonymous questions about the content of the day’s session. Our educators answer these questions at the start of the next session.

Question Box is a highlight of these classes as many children can feel a little hesitant to ask all their questions in front of their peers. Invariably the questions are ones many others had also been wondering about.

We are a religious school; can you cater for our particular requirements?

HUSHeducation have worked extensively with religious, faith based and orthodox schools. We will always be led by each school’s particular needs and requests. Margie frequently meets with school staff prior to starting the program to discuss every aspect of our sessions.

Do your educators have current qualifications?

Each of the educators on the HUSHeducation team have their own unique and interesting journeys toward becoming facilitators of our ‘body safety’ and sexuality education programs. We have teachers, social workers, and trained and experienced sexuality educators. Every one of our educators has had many years in the field and has undertaken additional training. All educators have either VIT registration or WWCC.

I see the organisation logos on your website, can you provide more specific references if required?

We are always able, when asked, to put potential clients in touch with one or more of the schools we have previously worked with. On the rare occasions this is required we get permission from our current clients to release the name and contact details of the appropriate person.

We have a student at our school who is non-binary. Do we include them in the puberty classes or would this be a problem?

All of our HUSHeducation programs are celebrated by our clients for their inclusive nature. We work with young people, parents/carers, staff members and families of all gender identities, sexualities and attractions. We pride ourselves on our ability to help all our clients feel welcome, safe and seen. An important part of our pre-session check-in with each classroom teacher is to ask them if the class includes any students with particular needs based on ability, identity, religion or any other aspect of their lives.

My child has a cognitive disability; do you think they need sexuality education, or just some ‘body safety’ education when they’re older?

Disabled children of any age, whether it is a cognitive or physical disability, or both, have an equal right to sexuality education and protective behaviours education. In fact, these areas of the school curriculum are of utmost importance. Our classes for students at specialist schools are individually tailored to the needs and developmental stages of the students. The sessions are for smaller groups.

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