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“Margie was a fantastic, realistic instructor and handled the senior students brilliantly.” (Peninsula Specialist College – Therese Younes)

“Margie’s approach when answering unusual questions was fantastic, students who tried to shock had no luck!”

A highly detailed presentation, set at the students levels – a great benefit to all pupils. (Ray Leetham – De La Salle College)

“Thank you Margie, your professionalism helped our students gain the correct information, they were informed within a caring environment.”

“Margie adapted the content, delivery and information to suit the class. She was perceptive to the group and individual students.”

“The program content was well presented. The students receiving this information from an expert was beneficial.”


“A very professional and relevant program.”

Margie works well with the students and staff. Very friendly.” (Peninsula Specialist College – Jo Ventura)

“Margie was very receptive to our students. Presented information in an interesting way. Great presenter.”

“Always answered student questions at their level and kept them focused.” (Sue Lyell)

“I most appreciated how positive Margie was to all the boys. (Terry Atkins – De La Salle College)

“Thank you Margie! We have all learnt a lot, laughed a lot and got a little embarrassed. Thank you for teaching us about the changes and important things to know and expect while we are growing into young adults. Thank you for your patience and expertise.”

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Sholem Aleichem College – Body Safety Education – yearly program

“It was a great opportunity for the students to learn about body safety and private parts in a comfortable environment. Margie made learning about this topic comfortable and enjoyable.”

“It is a fantastic program for all students. I am very pleased with the content and the way in which Margie professionally presented this topic to the Grade 3 students. Well done!”

“Always enjoyable to watch Margie in action.”

“It was a fantastic opportunity to talk openly about the body and to ask any questions they had.”

“Margie presented the sessions in a fun and engaging manner. She made the students comfortable and maintained their interest in the subject matter. Margie listened patiently to the student’s comments and stories.”