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Disability Programs

HUSHeducation are recognised  providers of relationships and sexuality education (RSE) programs and Protective Education classes for young people with intellectual disability. We have a number of Melbourne specialist schools on our client list and can provide tailor made programs to suit the needs of each organisation. Our sessions incorporate many visual and tactile resources as well as activities, games, stories and more – for both junior and senior students.

Sessions include:

  • learning about human bodies and how they function – using basic, medical terminology – and including puberty for ages approx. 10 and up;
  • menstruation and sperm production;
  • social and emotional aspects of puberty;
  • reproduction;
  • protective behaviours;
  • discussions of public and private – body parts, places, behaviours and more – including masturbation and pornography use for secondary level students;
  • safe and healthy relationships with an emphasis on consent education;
  • and, for older students, safer sex incorporating condom workshops if requested, plus contraception and  STI’s.

Check out our Online Store for a selection of sexuality education resources specifically aimed at the disability sector.

Our programs are inclusive of same sex attracted and gender diverse students