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Protective Behaviours & Body Safety

Protective Behaviours is a preventative life skills program which enables people of all ages and abilities – particularly children – to develop skills which promote resilience and which empower them to deal with a range of difficult, unsafe or abusive situations.

In 2016 Margie (managing director of HUSHeducation) was elected and endorsed as Victoria’s state representative for Protective Behaviours Australia. As such, HUSHeducation are endorsed and certified to offer Body Safety Education sessions for pre-schools and primary schools and for children of all abilities. Margie of HUSHeducation is a qualified Protective Behaviours teacher, presenter and trainer. As well as children’s programs and sessions we are able to facilitate workshops and information sessions for parents, staff and the community.

Children are vulnerable to sexual abuse simply because they trust adults and seek their approval. Education and communication are the best safeguards to protect children, and studies show that children from as young as three years old can be taught about body autonomy, safe and unsafe touch, safety networks, early-warning signs and recognising and naming their feelings. All children should be aware that they do not keep secrets about their bodies, and that they can always tell a trusted adult if they are feeling unsafe, unsure or uncomfortable. Older children will also learn safety guidelines for online activity.

HUSHeducation are able to tailor Body Safety Education programs for pre-schools, primary schools, kindergartens and all early childhood care providers; as well as for young people with intellectual disability.

Our recommended and most popular package for kindergartens/preschools and primary schools involves staff PD (full day or 2-hour), and parent information evening and a minimum of one 60 minute session with each group or class

Contact us for further details and an obligation free quote for:

  • Classroom sessions
  • Parent workshops and information sessions
  • Staff PD
  • Community information evenings
  • One and Two day training programs for educators and allied industries

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