Month: November 2012

Period pain, (also called menstrual cramps or Dysmenorrhea)

If you’re aged anywhere from 15 to 50 years of age, you have probably either experienced period pain or know someone who suffers from this insidious monthly reminder. Basically, period pain is pain or discomfort experienced in the tummy (belly)

When YES might actually be NO! Considering enthusiastic consent.

 Today’s blog is not aimed at sexually experienced adults, perhaps in long-term relationships, or at least comfortable and confident about their sexual choices (although it can’t hurt to read it and remind yourself of the facts); my thoughts for today

STI’s don’t discriminate. Safer Sex for the over 50’s.

There has been a recent and alarming rise in reports of sexually transmitted infections in the over 50’s (not to mention the epidemic raging through our nation’s under 30’s). Recently published figures for Australia reveal that the number of Chlamydia

Sexuality education in Religious/Orthodox settings

Many religions and cultures of the world have their own particular requirements when it comes to sexuality education.  There are often very clear guidelines surrounding the sexual health curriculum in religious schools, and in some cases members from  the religious